Have Dinner in a Civilized Way and Actively Participate in “

Have Dinner in a Civilized Way and Actively Participate in “

Historical background

“The number of people suffering from chronic hunger around the world has exceeded 1 billion. The number of people die of hunger every year is 10 million, and 1 child dies of hunger every 6 seconds. If we reduce waste of our daily food by 5%, we will bring over 4 million famine victims back to life.” This is the sentence on the leaflet of “C”lear “D”ishes Action (“CD Action”). We believe that no boy will discard the food in their dishes when he see such shocking figure.

“CD Action” was firstly initiated on microblog in January 2013, and then it was covered by CCTV News Broadcast, which called on everyone to save food. Now, most TV stations have launched relevant programs and propaganda film. “CD Action” has motivates everyone’s awareness to fight waste and practice economy.

Since its inception, the Company has been devoting itself to paying back the society, and is full of strong social responsibility. Under the principle of intolerance of waste, the Company strictly specifies employee dining system. Under the vigorous advocacy of the Company, its employees have actively participated in the “CD Action”. Although the employees can have dinner in the mess hall free of charge, there is no food wastage behavior. Each employee queues conscientiously, order according to his/her own appetite. They refuse waste and have formed good dinning habit.

Every employee devotes itself to “CD Action” and hopes to do what he can do for public welfare. We annotate the “responsibility” in core value of the Company. As one employee of Tcmages, we are responsible for paying back the society and public welfare.

“A rice porridge one must think hard to come by, and subject to constant thread-read material hardship.” Our food and clothes are hard-won and nobody can waste them. Let’s carry forward the traditional virtues of China from our dinning-table, and build enterprise culture atmosphere from dining civilization.