Tcmages is the first enterprise in the herbal granule sector to have successfully developed and applied a fully-automated computer-controlled dispensary for Chinese herbal formulas. This dispensary system is based on the most advanced technology and provides a fully-fledged, integrated operating, maintenance, management and service system.

Our computer-controlled dispensary accurately calculates the FCG granule quantities required for every herbal prescription submitted, thereby maximizing convenience for both doctors and patients. Each daily dosage of herbs is dispensed into two sachets, one to be taken in the morning and the other in the evening. Patients can benefit from an individualized herbal prescription provided by a Chinese medicine doctor combined with granules that are as effective as herbal decoctions and as easy to take as Chinese patent medicines. FCG granules, supplied in small lightweight sachets, are extremely convenient for patients to take with them wherever they go and are ideally adapted to the demands of a modern life style.

FCG Granules Dispensing Process


Main Features
The computer-controlled herbal granule dispensing system developed and implemented by Tcmages is distinguished by its small footprint and high degree of automation. It can be connected to a computer system and a hospital information system (HIS), is very convenient for searching or dispensing, and has greatly improved the standardized management level of hospital pharmacies.

Dispensary Service Team

Tcmages has a professional dispensary and equipment servicing and maintenance team of more than 1000 engineers. These service engineers have received rigorous and systematic dispensary service training and are therefore able to provide a complete dispensary and equipment maintenance service to medical institutions nationwide, thereby ensuring the smooth operation of dispensing work.

Tcmages’ professional dispensary service team carries out routine maintenance checks every month, mainly focusing on inspecting the condition of operating equipment, listening to the opinions of users and resolving various on-site problems. In addition, a phone tracking service regularly monitors operating conditions for equipment and operators and provides situation-dependent maintenance guidance.