Distinctions and Awards

Distinctions and Awards

Our Enterprise: Legacy Base for Chinese Materia Medica Processing
Legacy base in the first batch of intangible cultural heritage listings
Chinese materia medica processing legacy base of WANG Xiaotao, the inheritor of our national intangible cultural heritage.
Distinctions and Awards
Our distinctions:

Nine “Firsts” for Tcmages
The first enterprise to create the “full composition” theory
The first enterprise to use infrared fingerprint technology to implement quality control throughout the production process
The first enterprise to develop and apply a computer-controlled dispensary for Chinese herbal granules
The first legacy base for national intangible cultural heritage
The first enterprise to participate in formulating a national industry standard
The first enterprise in the industry to be the subject of a special report in CCTV’s China Impact program
First rank in sales revenue for single products in Traditional Chinese Medicine hospitals
Sales personnel’s sales revenues for single products rank first in the industry
The fastest growing enterprise in the industry

Honors and Awards

Received Beijing Municipal Health Bureau approval to set up a pilot test site for Chinese materia medica prepared for decoction
Awarded the National Project Charter for developing trade by science and technology
Approved by the State Drug Administration as the pilot production enterprise for TCM herbal granules
Listed in the National High-Tech Industrial Development Plan by the State Development Planning Commission
Included by the Ministry of Science and Technology in the Innovative New Drug and TCM Modernization Program of the 863 Major Research Projects
Accredited as a Major Scientific Achievement by the Beijing Municipal Government
TCM herbal granules given promotion accreditation by the Science and Technology Development Center of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Contributions to Industrial Sector

Put forward the “full composition” theory of TCM herbal granules
Created more than 6000 TCM fingerprint benchmark standards, covering the entire sourcing and production process and applicable to Chinese crude materia medica, materia medica prepared for decoction and TCM herbal granules
Studied more than 400 ingredient extraction processes for TCM herbal granules and obtained 36 patents so far, with many more applications in the process of being awarded
Resolved the problem of decocting singly or together for equivalence of effect between TCM herbal granules and TCM herbal decoctions